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Values: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience
At Waiau School we are proud of the environment provided for our learners. The school has been designed to provide an attractive, safe and well-resourced setting so that our students enjoy their education and are proud of their school.

We are a community based school that highly values the ongoing contact and interactions we have with our families, whānau and wider community. We feel that strong connections between the school and the community provide a sound foundation of support for our students.

Waiau School’s motto is “Learning for Life”. This means we want to develop the skills, behaviours and knowledge of our students so that they have the capabilities to be lifelong learners and successful citizens. To enable this we believe that students need to be exposed to a full, well balanced curriculum which represents the breadth of our New Zealand curriculum. This means that exposure to all the learning areas is important to us. 

To support our Learning for Life motto with students we have three underlying values – Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. 

Respect - We focus the concept of respect in relation to yourself, others and the wider community including the local environment. If you show respect for yourself and others you can make good decisions and function fully as a valuable member of our community. 

Responsibility - Responsibility focuses on making the students accountable for their own actions and learning. If you are responsible, there is an expectation that you play your part, do your jobs, complete your tasks, fulfil your roles, and focus on your learning to a high standard. If an individual is responsible, he/she will make the most of every opportunity given. Their responsibility assists and helps others to reach their goals as well.

Resilience – It’s important students develop resilience for learning and life. When true learning occurs, it creates uncertainty, difficulties, failure and ongoing challenge. For students to gain valuable knowledge, skills and behaviours from learning, they need the resilience to be able to cope with the tough times as they occur. We need to persevere. The concept of a growth mindset supports our focus on resilience.  It is based in the premise that students should not think they can’t do something, just that they can’t do it yet!
Our teaching programmes reflect the priority on the foundational areas of literacy and numeracy. This emphasis is based on the knowledge that reading, writing and maths are interactive tools that allow students to fully engage with all learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum. In addition to this, we have a strength in our outdoor education programme as this reflects the wonderful opportunities that our local environment offers.
We have high expectations of educational excellence for our students at Waiau School. This means we understand that challenge is necessary for effective learning to take place and we attempt to extend all learners beyond their comfort zone. To enable this, we must know and understand the learners well and cater for their individual needs so every student feels supported and extended. The ongoing focus on resilience in our school enable the students to cope with the challenge we provide them.

To support our learners to achieve their best we work closely as a team. We feel the whole school is responsible for every learner and, through this team approach, we can support our students to be the best they can be.

We promote inclusiveness in our school so that every student feels an integral part of Waiau School. Diversity in culture and language is embraced as it strengthens our school community.

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